A little bit of exciting news...

So after a full on Thursday of Hartbeeps, teaching dance classes & private singing lessons 9:30pm seemed like the most appropriate time to start writing this blog... Two and a half hours of party bags, pass the parcels, gifts & emails & then I decide to write! Sit back & relax for the evening?! No not me!! Being a Princess isn't always as glamorous as it seems, being tangled in sellotape & wrapping paper isn't as fun as you may think haha (all totally worth it though).


​Yesterday I had a very exciting email to say I was in the Top Four for the SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards in the Young Business Person of the Year category. When I first saw the email, I had to admit I did laugh a little bit as I was in a state of shock. It still feels funny saying that Limelight is my business and this is a year and a half down the line... The first email I received was my finalist logo to share on social media & the website etc. I hadn't actually received anything to say I had been shortlisted so I thought it had been sent to the wrong person. It turns out that a letter had been sent and not received - perks of living in a new build!

I was then sent a lovely email with all the details that I had missed from the previous week. I get to attend a black tie awards evening at the Marriott hotel in Huntingdon with a three course dinner - how exciting?! I have to admit, I can't wait to wear a lovely dress that doesn't belong to a Princess haha! Michael (my fiancé) will be coming along as will Katy & Hugo. The bonus of Michael coming is he's really fussy so I'll probably end up eating one and a half dinners oopsie - although he definitely won't share his desert hehe!

I also have MORE lovely news... I have just ordered a beautiful new wig for our latest Princess who will (hopefully) be attending our Royal Princess Ball on the 8th April (if it arrives from America in time & the dress has been made). I hope to replace the Glass Slipper Princess for the Midnight Princess, who is based on the Classic Cinderella. For the first time, I am having my dress made by a local seamstress Zoe (Pinch Seamstress & Dressmaker), which I am so excited about. We will have complete control on how the dress is going to look, which is daunting yet amazing. I am trusting Zoe and will just go with what she suggests as she is the expert. This means NO CUSTOMS FEE for the dress as it's not coming from America - yay!! I'm sure every time I write a blog post I have a new Princess arriving shortly after - totally obsessed!!

Anyway, I will stop rambling now and leave you to enjoy what's left of your Thursday evening... Thank you for reading (if you made it to the end that is)!

Best wishes,

Amy xx