Limelight Entertainments very first workshop...

Today I held my first EVER workshop for Limelight Entertainment which was held at Loves Farm House in St Neots! It was Tangled themed so we had The Tower Princess as the hostess, which was me!

The preparations started last week, firstly with the emails to parents. I had a to-do list as long as my arm which I needed to get through before the workshop. I'm always super organised but I always worry I'll forget something so I go through everything several times just to double check (more like quadruple check). Last night I had to prepare all the lanterns which took about two hours - in hindsight it probably would have been quicker if I wasn't watching the Olympics! I have been so into the Olympics, I can't believe that Great Britain are second, it's amazing. I have been feeling so patriotic. I could talk about the Olympics forever, but then that really would be going off on a tangent. I kind of have already oops. Back to the workshop.... I then had to name the party bags for the children to take home with their crafts inside. I had the name tags prepared, the register, consent forms and workshop plan all printed off, I was good to go! I loaded everything into the car last night so all I had to focus on in the morning was getting ready.

The children started coming in around 9:55 and Seanie (my cousin) was on the front desk so she dealt with all of the consent forms and registering of the children. It was such a fantastic feeling having all the little Princesses run up to me. All these little girls had come to meet a real Princess and were so excited. It was really important for me to make sure I had taken the time to speak to everyone so I sat everyone in a circle to start to get to know the girls names. Doing princess parties every weekend, I have managed to pick up the skill of name learning. If that isn't an official skill, it needs to be! By the end of the workshop, I had learnt all 25 childrens names. I can't help but feel a little bit smug when I successfully learn all the names.

We started with some party games which were so much fun. Whilst I was explaining the games, the children just stared at me so in awe just taking in everything I had said. They were so well behaved. I got some great pictures of everyone having a little dance.

Once we had played some party games, we went onto our first craft activity. I got some folding hairbrushes which were also a compact mirror, I thought these would be the perfect crafts so everyone could 'brush and brush and brush and brush my hair' (only Tangled lovers will get the dodgy joke), I had got felt tips, buttons, sticky gems and most importantly - GLITTER. And looooots of it! The floor was sparkling, the children were sparkling, Seanie was sparkling, I was sparkling but so were the hairbrushes which was perfect! Thanks to Henry, we successfully managed to hoover all the glitter up at the end of the workshop!

I then sung to all the children which isn't something I usually do at parties, which is silly considering I trained at Italia Conti! But after today I will most definitely be adding an option for a singing princess party. Watch this space... I then taught a little dance for the girls to learn and show the parents at the end. Seanie managed to film us having a little practice.

We then did some glitter tattoos for the children which were really cute. We had love hearts, tiaras, stars, princesses and even emoji glitter tattoos. Everyone then had their lunch, we did the second lantern craft, played some parachute games and finally invited the parents in to watch our dance routine.

I had such a fantastic day and from the feedback I have had it seems like everyone else did to. I think it's fair to say Seanie and I deserved our Prezzos that we had for lunch. Three hours isn't a very long time, but I will most definitely be having an early night tonight zzzz. I think I may need an extra pillow for my crooked neck - the wig is ridiculously heavy hehe!

I am now even more excited for The Little Mermaid inspired workshop next week for even more Princess fun.

Best Wishes,

Amy x

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