Princess Photoshoot!

On Monday, we had our group photoshoot with all six of our Princesses at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living. I was lucky enough to have Hayley Pettit Photography take all the pictures and Alice from Fleur De Lace for all the decor and props.

On the day of the shoot, the alarm was set for 5:30am - I've not seen that side of 7am for a long time! Although, it wasn't bad at all because a) I was excited b) we were getting our make up done c) my hair didn't need doing as it was all going in the wig. So really all I had to do was hop out of bed, have some breakfast, clean my teeth and drive to the venue. I had packed up my car the night before so it was all ready for the morning. It was a bit comical squeezing six dresses, wigs, props & tea party food in my little Fiat 500 but I managed it, just!

Our make-up artist was Charlotte Katie MUA and she was fabulous. The attention to detail was brilliant, she had really researched the specific looks that we wanted. Once we had had our make-up done we then went for our individual shots which were so much fun.

I was up first as The Mermaid Princess, she is our newest and I had saved her costume especially for the shoot. The dress is absolutely stunning, as is the wig. I was really nervous because I wanted these pictures to show how fantastic my business is. I know we all love a selfie but its much different when you're actually being photographed by a professional for YOUR company - pressure *breaks into Queen song*!! Hayley showed me a few pictures on her camera as we were going to make sure I was happy with the pictures - I most certainly was.​As the girls were getting their pictures done, I was standing with (well actually behind) Hayley so I could make sure I had the shots I wanted.

Keren was up first (after me) as our Ice Princess! Keren doesn't work as a Princess at Limelight Entertainment but she is one of my oldest friends and was super excited to be a part of the day. She was incredible - her pictures turned out amazingly and she was fantastic with all the children that came for our tea party. She literally just morphed into character, I couldn't believe it. I can't thank Keren enough for giving up her time to be involved with the photoshoot.

Following Keren was Gemma, she is a Musical Theatre student at Stageworks Studios with such a beautiful singing voice (I had to get that in there). She was posing as the Tower Princess and again looked brilliant. We had lots of fun with props - we of course had to do the iconic saucepan pose and we also got Pascal involved. He kept misbehaving but after several strips of double sided sticky tape he just about stayed still ;)

Next up was Georgia who has been a part of the Limelight team since April. She was the Glass Slipper Princess and looked beautiful. The dress has to be every girls dream to wear, it's the ultimate Princess gown. It's so big and poofy! I was doing crazy things to make Georgia laugh throughout the shoot, I think she was probably laughing out of sympathy at my goonish ways (not sure that's a word oops).

Chloe was after Georgia, she was the very first Princess to join me back in February. Chloe was photographed as Princess Beauty who is her absolute favourite childhood princess. She looked so amazing in the gorgeous yellow dress and took some beautiful pictures. Her tan suited the princess perfectly, she landed from her holiday in Turkey on the Sunday and was up bright and early on the Monday for the shoot. I love how dedicated Chloe is.

Last but not least, was Alissa who was the Snow Queen (our most popular princess). Alissa is just a complete natural in front of the camera - she needed no direction what so ever and just completely 'worked it'. She must just be used to being in front of the camera being Miss Cambridgeshire n'all. I think it's safe to say everyone had mastered their characters poses which was perfect.

Once we had finished our individual shots, we had some group shots which were really fun. I had the idea of us linking arms with our hands making a heart shape behind our backs, this was hilarious trying to arrange! Keren had got the heart perfectly first time, but it took the rest of us a little bit longer to create the perfect heart shape. I think it's quite possible they ended up looking like circles but the idea was there haha - I shall soon find out when I receive the rest of the photographs. Watch this space...

Our final part of the shoot was our tea party & story time sets. Alice had done such an incredible job of setting up the tea party, it looked better than I could have imagined. As Hayley knows, I'm not the best at visualising a set - we'd have ended up with pineapple & mango sticks if it had been down to me oops. It definitely wouldn't have looked as exquisite as the red apples, grapes and pineapples (not sticks). We had some lovely children join us for the tea party so we could get some really naturalistic shots of us doing what we do best - making the children feel special. I have to admit, I think these shots are fantastic because they show the children in awe of us princesses.

We all had such a lovely time at the photoshoot and I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Best Wishes,

Amy x

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