Limelight Entertainment Rental Agreement

All costumes, masks, wigs and sundry items (“the Equipment”) made available to you for an assignment are the property of Limelight Entertainment and can only be used in respect of an assignment.


The Equipment’s must be treated with care and returned in the condition received. If any defects with the costumes and or wigs are found, a defect form must be completed and returned to the business owner.


The Business reserves the right to recover from you the cost of replacing any Equipment that has been mistreated by you.


All costume boxes contain C.A.L.M ( Costume Alteration Liability Manefesto) forms. The purpose of C.A.L.M. is to ensure that the costume loaned to each entertainer for an event is in as pristine condition as possible. Upon recieving a costume, each entertainer must complete a form within the C.A.L.M. folder and again before returning the costume to the business owner or passing on to the next entertainer. This must record any and all damage to the costume, as well as its general state and condition.

The purpose of the form is to highlight required repairs to ensure that the costume is in a good state and condition before being loaned to an entertainer. It also ensures that each entertainer is taking proper care of the costume.

In this line of work, there will always be general wear and tear to these costumes, and it’s expected that some damage may occur that is out of your control. Damages can include, but is not limited to; rips, tears, makeup stains, missing buttons or sequins, badly matted wigs, broken props, broken zips, and unwashed or dirty costumes.

Failure to look after the costume correctly may make the entertainer liable to full or partial cost of disrepair. Please rest assured, the C.A.L.M. is not designed to cheat you out of payment but is simply there to ensure that everyone takes proper care to limit damage. Any damage penalty will be judged on a case by case basis.

Wash Log

All costume boxes contain a wash log form. The purpose of the wash log is to allow us to know when the costume was last cleaned. If a performer feels comfortable to do so, they may wash the costumes themselves at home, by following the guides they will be provided with. This is not mandatory as a performer.

After a costume has been used, it is up to the performer wearing it to determine wether it is time for it to be washed. The business owner is happy to take the costumes back for washing but will need to be made aware of when this is necessary.

It is unacceptable to give the costume to another entertainer if it is in need of a wash. Doing this will result in a disaplinary.

If you feel you are able to agree to the rental agreement, please move onto step 3.