Limelight Entertainment Character Ethics

You acknowledge that you are a self-employed casual worker for Limelight Entertainment and will be representing them with respect and pride when dressed as one of their characters.

There is to be no smoking, drinking or using foul language while in the costumes.

A client's information will be given to you for the sole purpose of you contacting them about their party/event. This information is not to be used for any other purpose.

The lateness of any kind must be reported to the company owner as soon as possible.

You must contact the company manager should you have any problems.

If you are feeling sick or feel you are unable to attend a booking, you must inform the company manager straight away, DO NOT wait to see if you feel better on the day.

You must not take any pictures of yourself or the children at the booking.

You must not use pictures, videos, training information or costumes from Limelight Entertainment for personal profit or gain.

No non-character accessories are to be worn to bookings.

Your nails must be a neutral colour and natural length. They must also be clean.

If you feel you can uphold these ethics respectfully, please move on to step 2.